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Worry-free Estate Sales

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Estate Sales are Worry-Free, Profitable Options for Getting the Most out of 'Too Much Stuff'
Whether it comes about because of a death in the family, divorce, downsizing, the need to meet tax or court-ordered requirements, or simply because you have a house full of things too valuable for a garage sale…
… an estate sale is ideal for getting the most value out of a home's treasures with the least amount of trouble.
What is an estate sale? In many ways, it is the definition of peace of mind: you hire a company to go into a home, appraise its entire contents, then organize, market, and manage an in-home sale (typically two days) with the goal of selling every item; you don't even have to be there during the sale.
If the company is a good one, it will do all of the heavy work and you'll pay nothing out-of-pocket. Instead, it will typically take as its commission 10 to 25 percent of the net proceeds, excellent motivation for the company to get the best price possible on every item. Professionally managed estate sales are key sources for antique dealers, collectors, and decorators, so the likelihood of the home's inventory selling for the correct price and ending up in the right hands is very good.
Depending on your needs and the company, an estate sale can even include provisions to haul away unsold items, leave the home vacant and clean, and arrange for donating all the things that didn't sell to charity and giving you the tax-deductible receipt.
Here are some important things to remember:
1. Don't clean the items and NEVER throw anything away in an attempt to "help" the estate sale company. Leave it to the professionals: they know how to clean without causing damage, and they know the potential value of what lay people perceive as junk, such as old postcards, political campaign memorabilia, and other hidden treasures. Be sure to remove items you intend to keep.
2. Do your due diligence in selecting the estate sale company. Interview at least two, check to confirm their licenses, insurance, and references, and back off if the company wants to charge you for an interview and inspection of the home's contents. If you can, attend one of their sales to see if it is well-staged and well-run.
3. If the home's collection is especially rich in categories such as antique furniture, jewelry, and antique collectibles, take special care that the estate sale company has appraisal specialists on staff in those particular areas.
A well-done estate sale, where you leave it all to the professionals in order to get the highest profit, is proof that the best way is also sometimes the easiest!
For more information about preparing for a home transition, contact your local Carrington Real Estate Services sales professional.

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