Friday, April 4, 2014

Conversation Piece

I love my job! Once our customers realized what this piece would have been used for by midwives, it was the talk of the day. Yes, its a birthing chair. Can you imagine? Although, it got me to thinking about my own house. Outside of an original painting on my wall (and trust me its nothing too special but has generated conversation), I don't have anything in my home interesting enough to be considered a conversation piece. Well, if I needed an excuse to do some estate sale shopping; I've just found it. What do you have in your home that has made for a good conversation piece?

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Interviewing Estate Sale Companies

It's wise for anyone in need of an estate sale to do their homework. Hiring an estate sale company requires a lot of trust in the company you hire. Here are a few tips to guide you along the way:

1. Interview a minimum of three companies and take notes on each company to help you keep track.

2. Ask for references. Be sure to call a couple of them. You may think that no one is going to give you the name of someone who may give them a negative review. However, previous customers tend to be very honest about their feedback and will give you both the negative and positive. They will feel more comfortable sharing information with a prospective customer that they may not have been comfortable sharing with us.
3. Ask if they are bonded and require proof. 

4. Ask what services are included with their fee after the sale. Cleanup, handling of leftovers etc. Is it at an additional charge?

5. Find out what type of advertising for the sale is involved and if those expenses are included with their fee.  One of the keys to a successful and effective estate sale is high foot traffic.

More tips coming soon! Take a look at our upcoming sales at
Thank you!

Monday, February 10, 2014

My Sweet Valentine

Valentine's Day is upon us. Although my husband and I don't get caught up in the big celebration of the day (we limit ours to a romantic dinner/no gifts), I know many couples who do look forward to the day-- well at least my female friends. Not so sure about the guys. My advice to those couples is to use this day to be more creative. Online shopping is cool, but, you did that at Christmas. Retail shopping is always an option, but, a more expensive one as well. Wait for it....wait for it.....hit your local estate sales and put those creative juices to work! You can find some sales beginning as early as Wednesday's now ( or Visualize yourself walking through a home and you come upon a beautiful Longaberger basket; hmmm, what can we fill this basket with? Picnic items with the promise of an indoor picnic during the wintry weather? Books and bubble bath maybe? Or, CD's and movies for a romantic night in? The possibilities are endless. Dare to be different and surprise your boo with great finds from an estate sale!