Monday, January 21, 2013

Time of Discovery

I had a conversation with a colleague recently who gave me an "aha" moment. My colleague stated that she believes this is the time of year when children of elderly parents tend to "discover" exactly how serious their parents' situations are. For instance, children who do not get to visit their parents regularly due to distance or what have you, will typically visit during the holidays. This opportunity gives them a first hand view that something is not quite right with mom or dad. Maybe the home tends to show that some aspects of hoarding is going on. The mom you know and love was always a neat freak- but you notice that dust has piled up throughout the house. Maybe dad's driving skills aren't quite what they used tho be. Understandably, mom and dad are going to tell you everything's fine via your phone conversations, because holding on to their independence as long as they can is as important to them as the air they breathe.

So while the estate sale business tends to slow down this time of year, I now know that it isn't simply due to the cold weather and the hum drum of winter; but children are taking this time to make some important decisions concerning their parents future. So, to my baby boomers, I encourage you to keep a closer ear and eye when visiting or talking with your parents. Working with them could possibly save their lives.