Monday, November 25, 2013

New or Used?

During this time of year, most estate sale professionals avoid scheduling sales too close to the holidays. Of course, if a family is facing a time emergency and the home must be vacated- the show will go on. However, if there is flexibility we tend to work around the holidays. This decision can be based on personal reasons or  strategic business decisions. For me personally, I avoid the weekend before Thanksgiving and Christmas. I always wonder, do normal estate salers (excluding dealers) prefer to shop new or used during this time of year? After all, this time of year brings the thrill of retail shopping with major discounts. Do shoppers prefer black Friday shopping for new or used items? Or, does it matter? Whatever your preference, I hope the goal is to enjoy the experience.Praying many blessings for you all this Thanksgiving and happy shopping whatever route you choose!  

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